Food Allergies and the Hygienic Sublime

My latest peer-reviewed, scholarly research article, “Food Allergies and the Hygienic Sublime,” was published in December 2019 in the open-access journal, Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience. You can read the full article for free.

Do Cyborgs Have Politics?

This question of the politics of technological artifacts has perhaps never been more salient than now, when we walk around with computing technologies on our person at all times. Chief among these are the politics of becoming cyborg.

Wakanda University 2019

Ditching techno-utopia, how might technology–widely imagined–play a role in anthropologies yet to come? What new forms of knowledge production can be birthed through performative play? How can epistemologies and experiences beyond whiteness shape (academic) cultures yet-to-be?  Can anti-racist research and making materialize spaces, technologies, and experiences that are enlivened by principles of afrofuturism, indigeneity, intuition, and collective well-being?

QX Presents: AI Justice

Join QX on Thursday, July 18th for AI Justice, a conversation about what AI technologies mean for marginalized and minoritized people, and how we can take control of AI policy and technology.

QX Presents: Found Connections

Found Connection: Sex Work and the Internet features a panel discussion about how digital technologies have – or haven’t – changed sex work and the lives of sex workers.

Bill of Health

Rather than alleviate risks in a cost-efficient manner, the rush to build new data-driven business models is producing different ones. If health data is capital, the collection of health data is a new form of profit sharing.

Natural’s Not In It

Science fiction reveals that the social facts many have taken for granted — things like gender, race, sex, class, hierarchy, and domination that are often attributed to “human nature” — are not inherently true and could be otherwise in the future.

Cyborgs at the Frontiers

From Norbert Wiener’s hearing glove, to Clynes and Kline’s metabolically extended mouse, to cyborgs in science fiction, cyborgs figure centrally in speculating about how humans will transcend their bodies and the planet Earth for new frontiers of place, function, and sensation. This post is adapted from a talk given at the Transpecies Society in Barcelona, Spain in January 2019.

Science, Technology, and Society Syllabus

In the spring 2019 semester, I am teaching my fourth introduction to STS class at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Read on for the reading list and assignment descriptions.