Parents Know Best — or Do They?

I spoke with reporters at WHYY’s The Pulse about parenting politics, expert knowledge, and food allergies for the April 2022 episode, Parents Know Best — or Do They?.

Episode description:

Learning how to be a parent can feel overwhelming, and advice is everywhere. There are the things you’re learning from other parents, the things you’re reading in books, the things you hear from your pediatrician, from influencers, from your great aunt Margaret … and in the meantime, you’re trying to develop your own instincts as a parent.

So who do you listen to? Who’s the real expert? And how much do these decisions ultimately matter to the health and well-being of your kid?

On this episode — navigating parenting advice, and what science can tell us about raising kids. We dig into advice about sleep, food allergies, how much influence parents actually have on their children, and how to raise kids who aren’t a**holes.

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