My book is out now! Food Allergy Advocacy: Parenting and the Politics of Care

My book based on my food allergy advocacy research, Food Allergy Advocacy: Parenting and the Politics of Care, is now out from the University of Minnesota Press! You can order it via the press, via online retailers, or request it from your local bookshop.

Here is the book description from the press:

Danya Glabau follows parents and activists as they fight for allergen-free environments, accurate labeling, the fair application of disability law, and access to life-saving medications for food-allergic children in the United States. At the same time, she shows how this activism also reproduces the culturally dominant politics of personhood and responsibility, based on an idealized version of the American family, centered around white, middle-class, and heteronormative motherhood. Food Allergy Advocacy raises important questions about who controls illness activism.

Reach out to me here if you would like to arrange a talk, event, classroom visit, or other time to discuss this project!

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