I am a medical anthropologist and STS scholar with a PhD from the Department of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Cornell University. I am Core Faculty at the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research.

IMG_0962This site began as a public research journal called Allergy and the City charting the progress of my dissertation research. The current version includes the posts that originally appeared on that blog, as well as frequently updated information about my ongoing research, teaching, and other projects at BISR and in anthropology and STS.

Please note that this blog is a public space and any communications on it are considered public speech. Feel free to contact me via email if you’d like to have an off-line conversation.

Professional Resume

Academic CV

Dissertation Research Summary

My dissertation looks at the food allergy community in the United States. It is a multisited ethnographic project consisting of two related parts. One arm examines how clinical research is driving the current growth in treatment options for allergy, primarily through interviews with physicians and researchers and ongoing analysis of the clinical and scientific literature. The other investigates how people with food allergies and allergy advocacy organizations connect with each other and communicate information about treatments to patient communities. For this part, I mainly use digital/virtual ethnography, interview, and participant observation methods and keep up on food allergy blogs. I conducted over two years of ethnographic research for this project and defended in April 2016.


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