QX Presents: AI Justice

Join QX on Thursday, July 18th for AI Justice, a conversation about what AI technologies mean for marginalized and minoritized people, and how we can take control of AI policy and technology.

Event Description

AI is in the news a lot today – and most of it is not good. From tools that classify people by race and gender to systems that try to “predict” future crimes based on racist police data sets, AI-driven systems seem to be classifying, dividing, and controlling people more intensely than ever before. The effects of these systems are uneven, with immigrants, trans, Black, and poor people facing particular threats in the United States.

In this discussion, two emerging leaders in AI research and policy, Os Keyes and Mutale Nkonde, will join QX co-organizer Danya Glabau to discuss the roles played by regulation, politics, and the culture of the tech industry in shaping AI futures. What can be done to make AI a tool for equity, rather than a tool for oppression? And how can the experiences and demands of queer and trans folks in particular be centered in shaping how these technologies will develop?


Os Keyes, genderfucky nightmare goth and infrastructure troubler at the University of Washington

Mutale Nkonde, AI Governance expert interested in embedding civil rights protections in AI Policy, and, oh, thinks the tech sector needs to get smarter on race

Dr. Danya Glabau, QX co-organizer, feminist rabble rouser, and faculty at NYU Tandon School of Engineering and the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research