By the Numbers: Theorizing the Web Keynote Panel

I organized and chaired a panel on digital health technologies at Theorizing the Web in April 2019 at the Museum of the Moving Image. Joining me onstage were fellow researchers Hined Rafeh (PhD Candidate, RPI), Mary Madden (Researcher, Data & Society), Yuliya Grinberg (Anthropologist), and Jacklyn Lacey (Museum Specialist, American Museum of Natural History).

A short publication summarizing our conversation will be published in 2020.

Panel Description

In our digitally connected age, nothing seems to be exempt from networked data exchange and surveillance, not even the most intimate details about our health. From DNA tests to employee wellness programs to self-tracking devices, health data has become big business. As the business of digital health booms, the needs and interests of patients and healthcare providers seem to pale in importance compared to those of the companies who gather, aggregate, and distribute medical data. This panel discussion will bring together a number of experts on the rapidly growing digital infrastructures of modern healthcare to discuss the ethical, security, privacy, and cultural implications of the hottest products and business models in healthcare today.

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