The Trolls are Teaming Up — And Tech Platforms aren’t Doing Enough to Stop Them

This December 2019 op-ed in Fast Company, co-authored with Jordan Kramer, summarizes our six-month study of online hate and harassment, a collaboration between Implosion Labs and the ADL.

The takeaway:

Online harassment is ultimately about trying to control what kind of people are visible and have a voice in public arenas. The personal, social, and material harms our participants experienced have real consequences for who can participate in public life. Current laws and regulations allow digital platforms to avoid responsibility for content produced by users, but digital media companies must truly listen to their users, especially those from marginalized and frequently targeted communities, and follow in good faith any future regulations that limit hate speech and increase platform responsibility for abuse. And if online spaces are truly going to support democracy, justice, and equality, change must happen soon.

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