QX Presents: Found Connections

Found Connection: Sex Work and the Internet features a panel discussion about how digital technologies have – or haven’t – changed sex work and the lives of sex workers.

Bill of Health

Rather than alleviate risks in a cost-efficient manner, the rush to build new data-driven business models is producing different ones. If health data is capital, the collection of health data is a new form of profit sharing.

Natural’s Not In It

Science fiction reveals that the social facts many have taken for granted — things like gender, race, sex, class, hierarchy, and domination that are often attributed to “human nature” — are not inherently true and could be otherwise in the future.

Cyborgs at the Frontiers

From Norbert Wiener’s hearing glove, to Clynes and Kline’s metabolically extended mouse, to cyborgs in science fiction, cyborgs figure centrally in speculating about how humans will transcend their bodies and the planet Earth for new frontiers of place, function, and sensation. This post is adapted from a talk given at the Transpecies Society in Barcelona, Spain in January 2019.

Science, Technology, and Society Syllabus

In the spring 2019 semester, I am teaching my fourth introduction to STS class at NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Read on for the reading list and assignment descriptions.

Cyborg Anthropology Webinar @ EPIC

On December 5, 2018, I gave a webinar on Cyborg Anthropology via EPIC, the leading professional organization for practicing anthropologists. Video of the webinar is archived and available to EPIC members.

Sins of the Mother

The temptation of transcendence through technology pervades digital life. But there are risks that come with seeking to exceed the embodied self through data. Clouds of data become the means by which we can be controlled.

Ethics and Access to Technology

On October 20, 2018, I led a panel discussion at the All Tech Is Human ethical tech summit in New York. We discussed why access to technology should be considered part of tech ethics and how not all forms of “access” are equally inclusive and socially beneficial. 

Wakanda University at AAA 2018

This year’s American Anthropology Association(AAA) theme is Resistance, Resilience, Adaptation. The Laboratory of Speculative Ethnology brings Wakanda University to the AAA as an embodiment of all three of these principles. Wakanda University at the AAA will be an ethnofuture space beyond whiteness that challenges anthropology from the ground up.

Principles of User Research for VR and AR

I teamed up with Jump Into the Light VR cinema and playlab to lead a workshop on Principles of User Research for VR and AR on May 15, 2018.  You can catch up on key insights and reflections from the workshop here.

The Politics of Infrastructure at BISR Starts June 5

What does it take to build an infrastructural system? What kind of norms do infrastructures enforce, and what kinds of people do they allow to thrive? What kinds of worlds do they make possible? This year we’ll focus on the politics and possibilities of digital infrastructures. Starts Tuesday, June 5th in NYC.

July 12-13: Cyborg Anthropology Workshop

This workshop, offered through my research group Implosion Labs in Brooklyn, NY, provides a deep dive into cyborg theory and cyborg anthropology. The workshop will explore how a cyborg anthropology approach uniquely combines grounded research on the realities of human-technology interactions with an openness to speculation and imagination.

Moon Dust and Rainbows: Food, Health, and the Reproduction of Society

This talk offered a brief exploration of two contemporary food subcultures – that of instagram celebrities and that of the food allergy community. As technology-driven proposals about the future of food proliferate, the issue of what social forms they may reproduce should be problematized in innovation, research, and public discourse.

Drag in the Digital Age

Drag in the Digital Age is the first meet up of the QX Meetup group.

We’re meeting on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 from 7-9pm at Thoughtworks NYC (99 Madison Avenue, New York, NY). RSVP and more details through the event Meetup page.

#designfail at Nerd Nite NYC

Design is increasingly a dominant idiom for creation, innovation, research, and critique. But what makes a “good” design? Why do some designs draw public ire and mockery, while others go unnoticed or are embraced? The answers to these question are not just about the practice of design, but also our ethical commitments to common social goods.