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As a PhD Medical Anthropologist and Science and Technology Studies scholar, I use qualitative and ethnographic methods to understand how people use technology, health care resources, and food. Anthropological ethnography is particularly well suited for studying the interaction of ideas about the world and the decisions people make about how to live their lives. It also provides necessary and important cultural context for why people do what they do.

My research focuses on how gender, race, and disability shape ideas about and interactions with technology, medicine, and food.

I have also launched and advised several biotechnology companies, using a medical anthropology perspective to direct strategy, communications, scientific collaborations, fundraising, and plans for future growth.

Professional Resume

Academic CV

Previous projects include:

  • Qualitative research methods design.
  • Long-term, multi-sited ethnographic research project on food allergy activism in the United States.
  • In-depth interviews with women physicians to determine why they were unsatisfied with their work.
  • Blending qualitative and quantitative¬†research to find new markets for emerging biotechnology products.
  • Leading a health tech hackathon team to develop a novel digital health concept.
  • Researching gender dynamics in the virtual reality industry.
  • Cultural analysis of current food trends.
  • Designing a corporate training program.

Outcomes include:

  • Research reports
  • Investor pitches
  • Industry event panelist
  • Research conference talks
  • Scholarly publications
  • Essays in general audience outlets
  • Workshops with research participants to solve problems found through research