#designfail at Nerd Nite NYC

On Friday, April 13, 2018, I spoke at Nerd Nite NYC at Littlefield Brooklyn (635 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY) with a brand new talk, #designfail.

Design is increasingly a dominant idiom for creation, innovation, research, and critique. But what makes a “good” design? Why do some designs draw public ire and mockery, while others go unnoticed or are embraced? The answers to these question are not just about the practice of design, but also our ethical commitments to common social goods, how we imagine and represent marginalized identities, and what kinds of technology-aided futures we hope to see in the world. Dr. Glabau will explore a number of examples of design successes and failures – factual and fictional – and offer up some critical tools for making design a force for good.