EPIC 2018 Salon: Ethnography and AI

I’m pleased to announce that I will be co-facilitating a salon at the EPIC 2018 conference on Ethnography and AI, with fellow anthropologist Martha Bird, on Thursday, October 11, 10-11 am in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Salon description:

We are moving into a world in which artificial intelligence and machine learning are shaping the spaces we engage with and through and changing our prosthetic capabilities. What does this mean for ethnographic praxis? In this Salon, we’ll discuss the implications of “AI’s” dynamic technical and cultural agendas on methods, objects of study, and more. You will be encouraged to share your hopes and fears and speculations as well as contribute to discussion on where we might go from here to advance our practices.

You can find out more about all of the EPIC 2018 salons here.