Cyborg Anthropology Webinar @ EPIC

On December 5, 2018, I gave a webinar on Cyborg Anthropology via EPIC, the leading professional organization for practicing anthropologists. Video of the webinar is archived and available to EPIC members here.


This webinar introduces cyborg theory and cyborg anthropology. The figure of the cyborg is, in the words of Donna Haraway, a “condensed image of imagination and material reality,” and in a cyborg world, “nature and culture are reworked.” A cyborg anthropology approach combines grounded research on the realities of human-technology interactions with an openness to speculation and imagination. Thinking with cyborgs offers researchers a way to challenge their assumptions about how emerging technologies shape everyday life and to imagine bigger, better futures in which humans and technology are collaborators rather than enemies. This webinar will explore these possibilities through summaries of canonical texts and real-world examples of the ways that humans and technology work—or, sometimes, fail—together.

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