Guest Post!

Lovely readers, don’t miss my guest post, “What Can Food Allergy Experts (Including Parents) Teach the Rest of Us About Medical Care?” over at Asthma Allergies Children! A million thanks to the wonderful Henry Ehrlich for inviting me to write for the site and for helping me develop the post.

While you’re over there, don’t miss Jessica Martin’s recent guest piece, “Allergic Asthma: When Organ Systems Communicate, We May Not Always Like What They Have To Say.” She’s a top notch science digester/writer.

Updates, as you’ve maybe noticed, will be a bit thinner this fall. I’ll focus on writing reflections of current research work and events, as well as shorter summaries of ideas I’m working on for my dissertation. Fall is the busy season for writing in academia. This fall, I have somewhere between two and four grant proposals, a conference abstract, 2 workshop papers, AND two dissertation chapters to write. And most of that (except for one of the chapters) is due before mid-November!

In the meantime, don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, where I’ll still be active most days. I’ll keep sharing links to updates, as well as any other interesting allergy and medicine related news I come across.

Happy fall!

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